The Urban Dictionary defines Rumptious as “possessing a large,booty and other
applicable curves”.

I began Rumptious Shapewear LLC in August of 2017. I started this business with the
goal of making myself and other women feel comfortable with flaunting their curvaceous figures
with hopes of boosting confidence and comfortability with their bodies. I personally have
struggled with having a complex and low self- esteem the majority of my life. Many may wonder
why I feel this way, being that I have an hourglass frame. However, it was deeper than
that. Once I began to love on, take better care of, and recognize that I am a bodacious beautiful
woman, I began to process the thought of loving my curves while continuing to build my own
confidence and affirming that I look damn good! I learned to show it off with grace, and class
and accept me for me!

Life is tricky! It has its ups and downs, and everything in between. Women are the most
strong and resilient beings on Earth. Our bodies change and grow each and every year. Before,
during, and after children. Children, health issues, mental health issues, medications, and
unforeseen circumstances can cause our bodies to alter in many ways. As I have matured into a
full grown SEXY woman, I began to realize that sometimes, even though you may have the
ideal foundation (figure), sometimes, you may have to restructure or manipulate certain areas of
your body to conform back to its original shape. This lovely process is called waist training.
Waist training/contouring is very beneficial for curvy, child breeding women, and everyone in
between. It has been around for centuries and when done healthily and properly, has great
ending results! Not only does shapewear aid in contouring, shaping, restoring, and
accentuating your NATURAL beauty, and figure. It also helps restore your core muscles.

It makes me happy when women, and moms reiterate to me how sexy and confident
they feel when they wear my shapewear. No matter what shape, height, or size you are, know
you are BEAUTIFUL in each and every way. Whether you decide to wear one of the products
under a dress, or want to increase your perspiration while gymming. Our goal is to make sure
that your HAPPINESS is present! I believe that my shapewear and contouring merchandise
makes myself and other women feel their absolute BEST! Rock those curves girl! And